Recently some vintage 16 mm film was brought out of the archives of the Lyndon Fire Department.  This one reel of black and white film has several different training events recorded on this one reel.  The department still has a functioning 16 mm reel to reel projector which made it possible to play the film.  This film was projected onto the walls of the classroom at station #1 and video recorded on an iPhone.  This iPhone video is being uploaded to the Lyndon Fire & Rescue YouTube Channel for future generations to appreciate.  Several 8 mm style films are also in the archives, but at this time the department does not have a projector capable of viewing these films.  If someone has a functioning 8 mm projector, and would like to lend it to the department to view these films, please contact Charlene Johnson at the station during regular business hours at (502) 425-7474.  Sample of one of the videos on the department’s YouTube Channel.

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