Department History

The Lyndon Fire Department was formed in November of 1949. Although most of the area at the time was rural farmland, several members of the local community foresaw the need to provide some measure of protection for their neighbors. As a result, the Lyndon Fire Department was officially incorporated in January of 1950. Although they had no equipment, the members began firefighter training with other departments.

In the early years, most money for the department was raised through door-to-door collections, fund raisers and carnivals. The department also charged a ‘membership’ fee to the residents in the area in order to help defray costs. In the 1970’s, the department became a taxing district which generated revenue from property taxes.

As Lyndon firefighters, we are proud of our past. Throughout the years we have steadily progressed in all fields of firefighting. Some of our historical highlights include:

  • 1950 – Department officially incorporated. First Engine purchased.
  • 1951 – Ground purchased to build firehouse.
  • 1952 – First firehouse completed. Second Engine purchased.
  • 1953 – Subscription service begins, providing income for the department.
  • 1954 – Ladies Auxiliary formed. They raised money that was used to purchase a resuscitator and a Scott air pack.
  • 1956 – Lyndon purchases third Engine, a surplus piece from the Charlestown, Indiana powder plant.
  • 1957 – Department acquires first radios (G.E.) and monitors (Regency).
  • 1958 – First ‘Quad’ purchased.
  • 1960 – Fire prevention Bureau organized, led by Capt. Hyatt Hahn and Lt. A. L. Roman. ScotchLite added to coats for visibility in smokey, low-light conditions.
  • 1961 – Lyndon purchases another Quad.
  • 1964 – Department builds Station 2, at 8414 Westport Road (present location).
  • 1966 – Lyndon purchases L-6, a 1,000 gpm pumper from Mack.
  • 1968 – Another Mack pumper purchased and placed in service.
  • 1970 – Department changes from Lyndon Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., to Lyndon Fire Protection District, thus ending the subscription service and relying on tax revenue to fund the departments needs.
  • 1974 – Lyndon purchases first aerial, a Mack with a 75′ AerialScope platform ladder.
  • 1977 – Lyndon purchases 4″ supply hose and becomes first department in Jefferson County to go the the large diameter hose.
  • 1982 – Lyndon places a 50′ Mack TeleSqurt in service, becoming Lyndon’s 2nd aerial piece. Bunker pants replace 3/4 boots. Volunteers begin receiving run reimbursements.
  • 1983 – Station 2 replaced by a fully functional firehouse.
  • 1985 – Lyndon hires first career staff, working a 40-hour week to supplement volunteer response.
  • 1985 – Another Engine is purchased. Large diameter hose is changed from 4″ cloth to 5″ rubber hose. ‘Stortz’ couplings introduced.
  • 1986 – Plans are started to replace station 1.
  • 1988 – Station 1 is completed and a dedication ceremony is held.
  • 1990 – Lyndon purchases another Mack pumper, this one with a foam proportioning system. A First Responder program is initiated, and firefighters begin responding to EMS calls.
  • 1992 – Lyndon orders to KME pumpers, the first for Lyndon with automatic transmissions. The name of the department is changed to “Lyndon Fire & Rescue”.
  • 1996 – Lyndon increases its career staffing, and implements a ’24-48′ career schedule.
  • 1999 – Lyndon celebrates its 50-year anniversary.


In addition to these highlights, a more extensive review of our department history can be found by clicking on the links below. These links include board minutes, a cronological history and miscellaneous photos and videos.

The Lyndon Fire Department is very grateful for the effort and hard work of Mr. Al Ring, who graciously donated his time and effort to gather records and put this historical information together, so that we may publish it here.

(Disclaimer: The purpose of this “collection” was to preserve history, create the background and research for the departments web site and the consideration of a future book on the history of the department.

All graphics have been improved to make the resolution as good as possible, but the reader should remember that many came from copies of old newspaper articles.  This also applies to other items such as documents, letters, etc.  Credit to the source of the documents, photos, etc. is provided whenever it was available.  We realize that many items are not identified and regret that we weren’t able to provide this information.  As far as the newspaper articles that are not identified, 99% of them would have to be from one of three possible sources.  The Courier-Journal, The Louisville Times or one of the Voice publications.

Please use this information as a reference tool only.  If the reader uses any of the information for any purpose other than a reference tool, they must get permission from the source.

We would like to thank the Lyndon Fire & Rescue and various newspapers including The Courier-Journal, The Louisville Times, and The Voice-Tribune.  Our appreciation is also extended to the various citizens and firefighters who contributed to the gathering of this information.)


LF&R Board Documents 1957 to 1959
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1954 to 1964 Auxiliary, Finances
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1966 Fire Prevention Program
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1986 Lyndon Fire District History (Audio)
1998 Taco Bell, Hoops Working Fires
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