"Honorable Service For All"...


Whats New:

Apparatus News

Our newest apparatus, Quint 1657, is now in service! Feel free to stop in and see it.


From the Chief:


David Howser
Chief of Department

Your fire department continues to be on the cutting edge with programs to ensure the safety of you and your family.  Lyndon is one of the first fire departments in the nation to initiate cost recovery for fire inspections and has won national and local awards for workplace flexibility and wellness.  Our proud tradition of service to the citizens and businesses in our district continues today. We are proud to protect you!


Our Members

Chief of Department

David Howser

Administrative Services

Charlene Johnson

Fire Prevention Bureau

Major John Stich

Training Bureau

Captain Nemenja Stamenkovic

Battalion Chiefs

Major Rick Baker - Second Platoon
Major David Joels - First Platoon
Major Jeremy Leffler - Third Platoon


Rich Bliven - First Platoon
Lee Look - Third Platoon
Andy Sasse - Second Platoon
Nemenja Stamenkovic - First Platoon
Moe Tischendorf - Second Platoon
Skip Zink - Third Platoon


Kevin Baker - Third Platoon
Dave Cole - Second Platoon
Tommy Hedden - Third Platoon
Ryan Helton - First Platoon
Jeff Landers - Second Platoon
Charlie Strobel - First Platoon

Fire Fighters

Derek Andriakos - Second Platoon
Tim Brandon - Third Platoon
Brandon Clark - Third Platoon
Derrick Clarkson - Second Platoon
Stephen Dunlany - First Platoon
Ryan Fletcher - Third Platoon
Steve Hagen - Third Platoon
Ryan Helton - Third Platoon
Travis Herthel - First Platoon
Phillip Neuner - Second Platoon
Matt Newman - First Platoon (PT)
Matt Peterman - First Platoon
Byron Richardson - First Platoon
TJ Southard - Third Platoon

Volunteer Support Staff

Vickie Beldon
Bruce Broecker
Larry Odom-Groh - Chaplain
Mary Ann Phillips
Tony Phillips
Bill Pierce
Gary Rogers - Chaplain

Life Members

James Baker, Sr.
Joe Bizianes
Kevin Brown
Brad Clark
Bruce Clark
Doug Cornelius
Andy Fuchs
Tony Fuchs
Steve Jones
Al Razor
Dave Weller
Richard Weller
Roger Wortham






Protection District

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