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Our newest apparatus, Quint 1657, is now in service! Feel free to stop in and see it.


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David Howser
Chief of Department

Your fire department continues to be on the cutting edge with programs to ensure the safety of you and your family.  Lyndon is one of the first fire departments in the nation to initiate cost recovery for fire inspections and has won national and local awards for workplace flexibility and wellness.  Our proud tradition of service to the citizens and businesses in our district continues today. We are proud to protect you!


Business Services: Fire Inspections and Permits

Beginning in July 2011, recovery fees established by local ordinance apply to all Inspection and Permit services provided by Lyndon Fire and Rescue personnel.

The inspection and any required permit(s) will generate only one charge (whereas in previous years multiple permits and fees were often required). This fee will include one (1) follow-up inspection if needed.

Failure to correct violations by the date noted on the inspection will cause additional inspections which will result in additional fees.


Electronic Inspections

To increase efficiency while at the same time reducing costs, Lyndon Fire and Rescue is going "Green" with its inspections, permits and invoicing.

By utilizing the latest in state of the art technology, you will receive nearly instantaneous reporting from our inspectors allowing you to more quickly protect your business investment, employees and customers.

Please review the following information regarding your fire inspections and permits:


Saving Time and Money - New Electronic Inspections, Permits and Invoices are Fast, Simple and Easy!

  • Lyndon Fire and Rescue has partnered with Fire Recovery USA and Firehouse software to provide electronic fire inspection reporting, permits and invoicing.
  • Inspection Notices, Permits and Invoices will be electronically delivered and tracked to the email address you provide to our inspectors.
  • Inspection notices will come to you from inspections@lyndonfire.com. Invoices will come from inspections@firerecovery.com.
  • You will have the option of several payment methods. Simply follow the online instructions at www.theinspectionhub.com to make your payment.


Supporting Education

Your Inspection and Permit fees help to keep the following services available to your families, employees and customers at No Charge:

  • Fire and Building code consultations
  • Preliminary Site Reviews
  • Employee Fire Safety and Awareness Education; response and in-service trainings
  • Fire Safety educational programs for schools and community groups
  • Community events spotlighting Safety and Wellness


Additional Resources

Here is some additional information regarding inspection fees, tents and canopies and safety inspections:







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